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Asians Urge Netflix To Drop Moroccan French Comic Gad Elmaleh For Racist Bits

Otter Lee April 23, 2018 April 24th, 2018


Morrocan-French stand-up comedian and actor Gad Elmaleh has enjoyed immense success in France and Europe, but his transition to the American circuit is already mired in controversy.

Collectif Asiatique Décolonial called for Netflix to pull the performer’s special from its streaming platform because of what it calls a history of racist material against Asians in his comedy.

Collectif Asiatique tweeted its condemnation of the comic, including numerous screenshots and videos of a bit from late 2016 where Elmaleh and fellow comedian Kev Adams dressed in stereotypically Asian clothes. The comedians are accused of dressing in Yellowface and using harmful, outdated Asian stereotypes .

Collectif Asiatique also alleges that Elmaleh continued to insult and antagonize Asian people via his social media and that he even directed his fans to harass an Asian woman who spoke out against him.


The hashtag #GadElmalehOutOfNetflix began trending with numerous French Asian people and their allies speaking out against the comedian. Many vented about how they feel that racism towards Asian Americans is something that is welcomed and often condoned in contemporary French culture and society.

Others were concerned that Elmaleh’s work could normalize racist stereotypes and jokes, especially in the currently tense political climate of America.

Elmaleh was once voted the funniest man in France and has been honored with awards and distinctions including being named knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by France’s Minister of Culture and knight of the National Order of Quebec. Still, activists around the world contend that no person’s prestige should allow them to profit from racist humor.

Some even took the opportunity to call attention to allegations of plagiarism against the comic, which include stealing a joke from similarly politically incorrect American comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Netflix has yet to comment on the growing scandal.

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