• Kiss Me, Kill Me
    Suicidal girl (Kang Hye-jung) hires hitman to take her life. Hitman (Shin Hyun-joon) finds out and sparks fly.
  • Haruko's Paranormal Laboratory
    What happens when your TV turns into a man? That's the problem television addict Haruko (fashion model Moeka Nozaki) is facing. Find out how to take a...
  • Genghis Khan: The Legend of the Ten
    Genghis Khan sends a team of his ten fiercest officers into dangerous enemy territory to carry out a search-and-rescue mission. However, en route, they...
  • Adrift in Tokyo
    Filled with bizarre encounters, strange characters and thoughtful conversation, this offbeat comic gem centers on a debt collector's offer to forgive the...
  • Gyeongju
    Shin Min-ah and Park Hae-il star in this effortless indie love ode to the ancient city of Gyeongju.
  • Rampo Noir
    Stunning visuals lead this adaptation of the short stories of Edogawa Rampo, often referred to as the Japanese Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Love 911
    Han Hyo-joo & Go Soo star in this firefighter/doctor romance that's incredibly easy on the eyes.

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