• Innocent Thing
    Jo Bo-ah gives a mesmerizing debut performance as a student obsessed with her PE teacher in this suspenseful thriller.
  • Casa Amor: Exclusively for Ladies
    A jobless marketing expert and an amateur sex guru team up to spice up the sex lives of all the ladies out there!
  • The Youth
    Catch K-Pop stars Lee Dong-hae (Super Junior) and Nam Ji-hyun (4minute) in this collection of hot-blooded teen drama!
  • Genghis Khan: The Legend of the Ten
    Genghis Khan sends a team of his ten fiercest officers into dangerous enemy territory to carry out a search-and-rescue mission. However, en route, they...
  • Joint Security Area
    From the visionary director of Oldboy, Park Chan-wook, directs a twisty murder mystery set in the most dangerous border in the world - the DMZ which separates...
  • Hwayi: A Monster Boy
    action, thriller
    A high school student raised by 5 criminals to become the perfect assassin finds the truth about his upbringing.
  • How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
    comedy, cult
    This hyperkinetic feel-good sleeper hit follows Bo-na, a dorky girl lacking social skills, self-confidence or any shred of fashion sense. That is until...
  • The Scent
    crime, mystery
    A detective with a penchant for adultery gets involved with the femme fatale of a double homicide.
  • The Bullet Vanishes
    Gripping, visually stunning and full of twists - The Bullet Vanishes follows an eccentric detective as he teams up with an expert gunman to solve the mysterious...

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