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Taiwanese Father Shields Wife And Baby From Earthquake [Video]

Otter Lee February 9, 2018 February 12th, 2018

When disaster strikes, survival instincts kick in, and they can make all the difference between life or death. Video of a father jumping into action and protecting his wife and young child from a powerful earthquake went viral this week. In the video, which was retrieved from a surveillance camera, the family’s baby can be seen perking up as the entire bedroom begins to rumble. The father then leaps onto the bed in an effort to shield the mother and child from falling debris. The video camera falls shortly after.

A sizable 6.4 on the Richter magnitude scale, the first earthquake hit on Tuesday night. It injured hundreds of people and killed as many as four. While rescuers scrambled to try and save the dozens of people missing or presumed to have been buried under rubble, the area was unfortunately devastated again by several more quakes, including a 5.4 magnitude aftershock.

While only faint shaking reached Taipei, the island’s capital, powerful tremors rocked the east of the country. In particular, Hualien City, a coastal resort town was badly hit. Several buildings collapsed with the Marshal Hotel likely being the most populated one. The injured included hotel workers and at least fifty vacationing Japanese tourists.

The city’s infrastructure also suffered a lot of damage with at least one bridge having to be shut down temporarily. Air transport into the city has since been put on hold. At this time, the railways don’t seem to have been too adversely affected.

At first, the identity of the family as well as their status following the natural disaster remained unknown. However, according to a translated Facebook post from the mother, the surveillance camera might have fallen to the ground, cutting the video, but the entire family including an offscreen mother-in-law luckily escaped with their lives.


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Via CNN and Shanghaiist 

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