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Check Out Unicorn Island, The Inflatable Resort Of Your Dreams In The Philippines

Otter Lee April 19, 2018 April 20th, 2018

The unicorn is perhaps one of the best known and most beloved of all mythical creatures. Commonly depicted as being a white horse with a single horn, the unicorn is often said to symbolize purity, nobility, and the tender heartedness of young maidens. The unicorn has inspired countless fantasy stories, cartoons, video games, and even an incredibly basic Starbucks beverage.

Now, amusement park and tourist attraction Inflatable Island, which is located on the coast of Subic Bay (just 80 miles outside the capital city of Manila), is granting its visitors the ability to make all their unicorn-themed vacation dreams come true. This month, the park launched its crown jewel: Unicorn Island.

Unicorn Island consists of a rainbow bridge, several water slides, and multiple large-scale inflatable animals, including a giant unicorn and a cuddly narwhal, a creature in the porpoise family often dubbed “the unicorn of the sea” because of its horn (actually a large, protruding canine tooth).

Aside from fun for families with young children or adult unicorn enthusiasts, Unicorn Island looks to be an amazing place for taking photos. The bright pastels reflect in the water creating a beautiful aura of sky blues and bubble gum pinks.

The greater Inflatable Island comes with a variety of bouncy structures, obstacles, and castles with their combined length said to be that of eight football fields.

Onshore, guests can also find food and drink stands and the equally colorful “Bali Lounge,” which is populated with rainbow umbrellas and pillows that really pop when the sun sets.

The price of admission to Inflatable Island is only $16 per guest per day! I shiver to imagine how much would such a fairytale locale cost in America?

Via The New York Post and Inflatable Island’s Instagram