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Trump And Kim Jong-Un Impersonators Questioned By Vietnam Police; Kim Impersonator Deported

Otter Lee February 26, 2019 March 18th, 2019

Political satire is a popular form of comedy and a method of critiquing the government. The upcoming summit between America and North Korea in Hanoi is sure to spark all kinds of discussion as well as bits.

However, two impressionists who resemble American president Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un found themselves in trouble with the Vietnamese police.

Hong Kong performer Howard X, who prides himself on his resemblance to Kim and his Trump lookalike collaborator Canadian Russell White were ordered to stop their antics. The two were trying to stage a mock summit of their own in Hanoi and could be found canoodling and sharing their plans for nuclear deescalation with onlookers.

While speaking to reporters, the two were escorted away by Hanoi authorities and then detained. X claims they were told they would have to have an official itinerary approved by the Vietnamese government as well as an official escort.

Evidently, negotiations between Vietnam and the false Kim did not go well. Today, he was deported on the grounds of not having a proper travel visa. X believes he was deported because the real Kim Jong-un “no sense of humor.”

The politically incorrect duo has performed their routine in a city hosting a summit for the two world leaders before, previously doing so in Singapore. X was also kicked out of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul for dancing in costume in front of the North Korean delegation’s cheerleading squad.

While, one cannot deny that he bears a resemblance to the despot, his actions are also certainly designed to be attention-grabbing and sensational.

The Vietnamese police are naturally wary of any scandal making it back to North Korea.

The real Trump and Kim are set to speak from February 27th to 28th in an effort to negotiate denuclearizing North Korea’s arsenal of weapons.