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This Extremely Rare Brown Panda Can’t Get Laid To Save His Life

Otter Lee September 5, 2018 September 5th, 2018

Sometimes being different means being noticed and applauded for standing out from the crowd, but often it can spell a lifetime of loneliness and ostracism.

The giant panda of Chinese is famously fickle when it comes to mating with zookeepers and researchers attempting all kinds of methods to incite lovemaking between pair. The most famous and cringeworthy of these sex-inducing strategies was playing panda porn to inspire carnal activities between the slothful bears.

9-year-old Qizai is a special case of virgin. The 9-year-old male is the world’s only brown panda to be living in captivity. Qizai was abandoned by his parents at two months and has struggled to socialize with others of his species.

Qizai’s rare brown fur pigmentation is believed to be caused by specific genes, and the researchers studying him would love nothing more than him to partner off and see what sort of offspring he’d father. Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult journey.

Qizai was paired with a popular, older female, the 18-year-old Zhuzhu. A mother of four cubs already, Zhuzhu is described as “energetic” and took a quick liking to her new suitor.

Unfortunately, when panda push came to panda shove, Qizai just wasn’t able to go through with it. Like the clumsy, befuddled lead of a romantic comedy, he stumbled and failed when put to the test.

Unfortunately, female pandas have an extremely limited amount of time to be impregnated. While they go into heat for 12-25 days a year, they are only actually fertile for about 24-36 hours. Imagine having to wait entire years for your significant other to get in the mood.

Unable to rely on Qizai to copulate, scientists resorted to artificially inseminating several females including Zhuzhu with his seed instead, but no viable children have been produced yet.

Perhaps the brown bear’s sperm has a similar lack of game to their progenitor.

If only Qizai’s Internet fame and charisma could translate to his sex life.

Via Shanghaiist