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This Chinese Man Was Willing to Do Anything to Avoid a $30 Traffic Ticket

Otter Lee August 11, 2017 August 14th, 2017

Everyone hates getting traffic tickets, but one man from Hunan province in China attempted an Oscar-worthy performance of a lifetime to evade being fined. Stopped by a cop for a minor traffic violation, the man became consumed with fear and in an act of desperation threatened to hang himself with a cord from his truck. I’m wondering if he keeps the cord their for these types of high-pressure situations.

The cop swiftly intercepted him and prevented him from acting on his suicidal threat. Full of more physical improvisation tricks up his sleeve, the man began clutching his chest and fell to the ground in a spontaneous heart attack. The officer calmly dialed for paramedics to come to the man’s aid, but it was fairly clear to all involved that he was faking it. Still, the patient policeman made sure that the paramedics checked the guy out, just in case there was something really wrong.

Later while the driver sobs in his wife’s arms, the same cop was kind enough to offer him refreshments. Judging by the tone of his wife’s voice, she was feeling much less sympathetic towards her husband’s hysteria-induced health problems.

Despite the astounding dramatics, it is worth mentioning and applauding how this was a remarkably nonviolent police incident.

And the ticket he has hoped to avoid? It only amounted to 200 yuan–or about $30 USD. Turns out, the only affliction ailing this fellow is a bad, bad case of being cheap. Still, you have to admire the drastic precautions he took to try and avoid accountability here.

The ridiculous ruse was caught on video and shared numerous times on Chinese social media. They say, you can’t put a price on fame, but you can definitely put a man’s crazy actions online and drag him endlessly.

I wonder what he’d do if he had been charged with something way worse than a vehicle not being up to snuff on regulations.

Via Shanghaiist