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These Super Nintendo Air Jordans Are Fresh As Hell

Katie Cannon January 4, 2017 January 4th, 2017

Time to level up your wardrobe, gamers. What better way to say “I will always beat you at Mario Kart” than with some Super Nintendo kicks? These Air Jordan 4s will get you street cred with sneakerheads and nostalgic gamers alike–at a freakishly hefty price, natch.

Not only do the Jordans boast the colorful Nintendo logo tongue, but the view’s even better from the back: each sneak is adorned with controller buttons–the arrows on the left, and the colored buttons for rightie. And you can actually press them!

They don’t actually connect to any Nintendo system, to clarify. But still. There’s the whiff of authenticity! They’re the perfect footwear to complement your new Mini NES Classic.


The shoes should be available soon from Freaker Sneaks.  Until then, continue to salivate. And save up that cash money! No, Mario’s little gold coins don’t count.

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