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THE THRONE Honored as Top Korean Film of 2015

Staff Writer November 9, 2015 August 18th, 2017

Korean Film Critics Select Their Top 10 Films of 2015

As another year of cinema winds down, the yearly top tens are starting to roll in. And for its 35th year, Korean Film Critics Association is joining in on the fun once more.

On November 16th, the association is holding an awards ceremony celebrating the year’s best in Korean film. However, the results have been released right in time to start heating up debate.

On October 28, the Yonhap News Agency reported the results of the association’s voting. The results were a mix of historical pictures, arty fare, and box-office big shots (Asianwiki has the entire list).

The grand prize, Best Film, was given to historical drama THE THRONE. Selected as South Korea’s rep for the upcoming Oscars, THRONE tells the true story of Crown Prince Sado (Yoo Ah-in), sentence to a most brutal death at the hands of his own father at age 27. Song Kang-ho, star of past Best Film winners GREEN FISH and MEMORIES OF MURDER, plays Sado’s father, 18th century Joseon Dynasty ruler King Yeongjo.

Best director, won in the past by such auteurs of Korean film as Kim Ki-duk, Bong Joon-ho, and Park Chan-wook, was awarded to Ryoo Seung-wan for his work on blockbuster smash VETERAN.

Jung Jae-young, star of Locarno winner RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN, took home best actor. For her role as a ruthless crime boss running an organ trafficking ring, circa 1996 Seoul, COIN LOCKER GIRL’s Kim Hye-soo received best actress, following in the footsteps of such acclaimed actresses as Jang Jin-young, Moon So-ri, and Tang Wei.

As for the top ten of 2015 in Korean film? Per Yonhap’s report, the association selected THE UNFAIR, CART, COIN LOCKER GIRL, THE SHAMELESS, RIGHT NOW WRONG THEN, REVIVRE, ODE TO MY FATHER, ASSASSINATION, VETERAN, and, of course, THE THRONE.

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