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THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: or Lee Byung-hun’s In A Western Now, Pilgrim

Mickey Silberstein April 21, 2016 August 18th, 2017

Leon Sturges’ 1960 Western THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is a beloved classic, and is itself a remake of SEVEN SAMURAI, one of the most acclaimed films from the master Akira Kurosawa. So when TRAINING DAY director Antoine Fuqua announced he’d be remaking the remake once more, he must have known what an enormous bar he’d have to clear for his film to not be completely ignored, at best.

His movie would have to be truly thrilling. Fuqua’s movie would need to be – in a word – no less than magnificent.

Well, the first trailer finally dropped, and by jove he might have done it! Laying out the underdog premise of the film, the trailer shows Denzel Washington recruiting his renegade band of badasses, and though that group includes the likes of Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke, there was one star clearly shining brighter than the rest: Lee Byung-hun! It’s a great casting decision because – thanks to Kim Jee-woon’s THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WEIRD – we already know how great a look ‘old-timey rifle wielding renegade’ is for Lee (see above).

In the midst of this whole #GhostInTheShellSoWhite debacle, we’re thrilled to see some Asian representation in a major Hollywood production, especially if it’s in the form of one of our favorite beefcakes.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN comes out September 16. Watch the trailer below, and join us in wondering why Lee is still allowed to wear a shirt in his movie appearances. Seems like a waste of film.