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Thanks to Virtual Reality, You Can Now Marry Your Video Game Waifu

Ilayda Orankoy July 17, 2017 August 20th, 2019

If you’ve ever been struck with the desire to take a one-sided fictional relationship to the next level, then you’re in luck.

Hibiki Works, the Japanese game developer that brought you Lovely x Cation, has taken a step to set them apart from the rest of the industry. They’ve partnered with a real chapel to offer VR weddings so that gamers have the option of marrying their dream girlfriends. Otaku, rejoice!

The one-time weddings took place on July 30th. Several “grooms” even arrived in tuxedos for their special day. For added realisim, Hibiki Works hired certified wedding coordinator to organize the ceremonies. There, each groom selected their favorite in-game girl to tie the knot with.

So far, it’s unknown whether Hibiki Works will offer more VR weddings. However, one thing is for certain–the market is there, and it’s not likely to go away any time soon. If you missed your chance this time round, you might still be able to get in on another opportunity!

What do you think? Are virtual reality video game weddings cute or creepy? Do you know anyone who’d be all over this? Is there a character you would consider marrying?

(via Koreaboo)