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Taiwanese Grandpa Plays Pokemon Go On 11 Phones Whilst Biking

Otter Lee August 13, 2018 August 13th, 2018

Meet Chen San-yuan, the grandpa who recently went viral for his unstoppable, unmatched passion for Pokémon GO. After being introduced to the mobile, augmented reality game by his grandson, Chen, took a shine to it.

Now, he bikes around with 11 phones attached to his bike and battery charging devices that allow him to play for up to 20 hours a day. Chen reportedly spends $1290 a month on in-app purchases for the game, and he has no plans to curtail his habit anytime soon. The senior citizen even admitted that he plans to buy four more phones in order to maximize his chances of catching them all.

Most of the old-timers I know struggle to use and make sense of one phone!

His story was picked up by the local news before making its way to Reddit and YouTube.

Chen primarily looks for Pokémon around Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, and enjoys local celebrity status. Fellow trainers and collectors affectionately refer to him as Uncle Pokémon. His age and enthusiasm have fans also making comparisons between him and game/anime characters Professor Oak and Mr. Fuji.

Chen admits that he absolutely adores Pokémon GO because he “can connect with people [and] prevent Alzheimer’s disease!” It’s also a ton of health-improving exercise.

Pokémon GO first launched in July 2016 and became a worldwide sensation and gaming experience for a couple weeks after its release. Some have described it as the closest modern society has come to world peace. Others found it a nuisance that made tourists even more insufferable in places of respect and worship as well as a physical hazard that placed distracted players into dangerous situations since they are unlikely to pay attention where they are walking if they are hunting a rare mon.

The game recently introduced a much-awaited system for trading, gift-giving, and registering friends that Chen is undoubtedly taking advantage of on his multiple phones.