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T.O.P. in Intensive Care After Overdosing

Otter Lee June 6, 2017 June 7th, 2017

Korean hip hop star T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) has been hospitalized after reportedly overdosing on medical drugs. YG Entertainment, the BigBang rapper’s primary record label confirmed in a statement that “T.O.P was taken to the emergency room for an overdose of medication. He was moved to the intensive care unit and is receiving treatment there with his mother at his side.”

T.O.P. has a famously close relationship with his mother.

A close friend of T.O.P.’s also further clarified the situation, implying that the singer’s recent drug allegations might have driven him to self-destructive behavior: “[Doctors] are still testing and the results have not come back, but it’s suspected that [he] overdosed. He’s been having a hard time recently due to [recent] events and his stress was at peak level. I am incredibly sad for him right now and hope he wakes up soon.” 

Earlier this week, news broke that T.O.P. had been accused of smoking and vaping marijuana and tested positive for the drug–a much more serious crime in South Korea than in America. Faced with the possibility of half a decade of prison time after being kicked out of the military during his mandatory service, the singer undoubtedly was under immense pressure. In the past, T.O.P. has admitted that he struggles from extreme anxiety and depression.

Another friend also claims that any media reports stating that T.O.P. regained consciousness in the hospital are unfortunately erroneous. While multiple news outlets have reported that he has woken up–or even that he never lost consciousness–while others refute those claims ,and report that only certain parts of his body are responding.

T.O.P. remains in intensive care with media sources still unclear whether or not the worst is behind him.

According to leaked police reports, T.O.P. had reportedly been taking prescribed nerve tranquilizers, a type of sedative, fairly regularly up until his hospitalization. Another circulating police report states that despite the overdose, it doesn’t appear the results will be fatal, but neither T.O.P.’s family and friends nor Y.G. Entertainment have confirmed anything of the sort.

The amount of unsubstantiated claims have taken an already scary crisis and made it far more frustrating.


Via: Koreaboo, Moonrok