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Sushi Model Strikes Back Against A Customer’s Roaming Chopsticks

Otter Lee June 12, 2017 June 14th, 2017

The Japanese culinary art of making and enjoying sushi has traveled across the globe, and the Japanese pastime of eating sushi off of a scantily clad human being has recently gained popularity in China. It’s a bizarre but apparently sensual and aesthetically pleasing alternative to plates that fancy restaurants and promotional events will often employ to get customers more excited than usual.

Unfortunately, one sushi model found herself a customer that was hungry for something other than handrolls. An incident recorded in a popular restaurant in Taiyuan, the glitzy and technologically savvy capital of China’s Shangxi province, shows a sushi model hit her breaking point.

When eating sushi off of someone always be careful about where you put your chopsticks.👉

Posted by Shanghaiist on Monday, May 29, 2017

The video begins with customers enjoying their meal innocently enough, but a quick cut shows the model rearing up to confront one who used his chopsticks in an inappropriate manner on her. The understandably infuriated and degraded woman rises up, presumably letting the food fall, berates her attacker for doing something “unspeakable” with his chopsticks, then goes on the offensive herself.

The creep tries to make a run for it, but the sushi model proves surprisingly agile and gets in a couple good swipes on him before the video cuts out.

When you’re not on the menu, don’t let anyone try to insist that you’re up for grabs. Chopsticks are meant for eating–NOT sexually assaulting people! I’m hoping the video will dissuade further inappropriate episodes.

From the looks of it, the model’s coworkers were taking pictures to help ID the culprit. I hope the restaurant in question will stand up for its employees. Sometimes, the customer is just plain wrong!

Via Shanghaiist