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This Super Buff Seven-Year-Old Has Been Dubbed The “Tiny Bruce Lee”

Katie Cannon June 15, 2017 June 15th, 2017

Get ready to feel inadequate! And also, maybe, a little scared: this ripped 7-year-old could probably kick your ass.

Or at least my ass. He could definitely kick my sedentary ass.

Japanese tot Ryusei Imai has been a Bruce Lee fan from birth, and he’s devoted his young life to emulating the kung fu star in every way–from his epic nunchuck skills to his crazy-ripped bod.

Ryusei Imai Bruce Lee

To be more like his role model, Ryusei began taking martial arts classes as little more than a toddler.

He first wowed the Internet at age 5, when  home videos of him totally nailing Bruce Lee’s nunchuck and fight choreography went viral. You can see for yourself how accurate his moves are against the backdrop of Lee’s movies playing on the family flatscreen:

Ryusei would later appear on South Korean reality show Star King, where everyone promptly freaked out over the kid’s formidable skills.

In most of his performances, Ryusei is sporting that classic yellow jumpsuit–but underneath his iconic costume, the kid is JACKED.

Ryusei Imai Tiny Bruce Lee Ryusei Imai Tiny Bruce Lee


Like what? HOW? HE’S SO SMALL. SO CUTE. And yet, he can definitely lift more than you.

Tbh he could probably benchpress my entire family.

Back in May, Ryusei got to visit the Los Angeles home of his idol.

Ryusei Imai Tiny Bruce Lee

He was pumped. Then, unfortunately, Koreaboo reports that he suffered a leg injury and had to take a brief break from kung fu fighting. But he’ll be back and kicking faster than you can say “PLEASE DON’T HURT ME YOU SMALL BUT MIGHTY BEAST.”

Ryusei Imai Bruce Lee

Via Koreaboo