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This South Korean President’s Bodyguard Is The Internet’s New Bae

Otter Lee May 17, 2017 May 18th, 2017

Move over, Justin Trudeau, and shut your mouth, Steve Harvey! South Korea’s newest president, Moon Jae-In, has been elected, but it’s his hunky bodyguard,  Choi Young-jae that the world has its eyes on! His strong jaw and smoldering gaze has the entire Internet drooling and panting! At 36, he’s in the prime of his Asian youth!

South Korea’s presidency was rocked by political scandal this past year, but it’s safe to say now that the only thing rocking its media coverage right now is Choi’s hot bod! A former officer in Korea’s Special Warfare Command, he’s trained AND dressed to kill!

Even out of focus, he steals it right back!

Who knew a bodyguard would have to guard his own body from legions of adoring, thirsty fans? Choi’s got men, women, and people of all persuasions and backgrounds fawning and fantasizing over him.

Some even claim they would paint themselves as an aggressor if it meant some one-on-one time with Choi. Others have taken to crafting fanfiction. They’re more than eager to throw on some Whitney Houston and roleplay a romantic thriller.


President Moon himself was apparently quite the handsome devil in his own youth. South Korean media has already dubbed his progressive band of brothers, both “the handsome brigade” and the “reign of beauty.” Members like Im Jong-seok and Cho Kuk all enjoyed immense popularity and attention in their collegiate days.

From left to right: A young President Moon, Chief of Staff Im Jong-seok; Senior Civil Affairs Secretary Cho Kuk; and dashing bodyguard Choi Young-jae

Moon intends to address North Korea through the sunshine policy, a diplomatic strategy meant to keep communication open between the two nations for the sake of peace. Maybe they could send Choi to help smooth things over? After all, you can’t have sunshine without thirst!


Moon’s administration has already addressed the hard, pressing issues surrounding Choi by reminding everyone that he is “unfortunately” married with a wife and two daughters. Still, it looks like Choi’s very presence will be doing the public a service for many more days and nights to come. Lord, he’s even got me sounding smutty now.

Via: The Telegraph