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South Korea Just Kicked Germany Out Of The World Cup In The Group Stage For The First Time In 80 Years

Katie Cannon June 27, 2018 June 27th, 2018

I’m pretty sure no one anticipated that South Korea would beat Germany. But they fucking did, and it was so, so satisfying. No offense to Germany–but who doesn’t love seeing an underdog win out over the big bad defending champs??

What was particularly delicious, however, was the way Korea won. The first goal elicited such a roar from the crowd that my co-worker compared it an audience at a BTS concert. Kim Young-gwon, the scorer, dabbed in celebration. But then, to add to the drama, the refs called it offsides; only to have it contested and disproven, as upon replay it became clear that Kim had received the ball from a German player rather than his own teammate.

The second goal was even more momentous, and tbh, embarassing for Germany. You see, while Germany was attacking down at the Korean goal, the German goalie had been dragged out all the way past mid-field. One well-timed, well-placed kick upfield and a mad dash to the ball later, Korean player Son Heung-min scored on an empty goal.

Germany not only unseated as reigning champion after dominating 2014’s World Cup, but it was the first time since 1938 that they had been disqualified in the group stage. So this is historic.

Overall, it seems, Internet is pretty amped. While I’m sure there are many sad German fans out there,  my Twitter feed is either disbelief or smug memes.

And of course k-pop got brought into it.

Mexican fans were particularly overjoyed by the turn of events, because Germany’s failure means they’ll go on to the next round. So this is good news not only for Mexico, but apparently BTS’s spot on the music charts.











This pic pretty much sums it up.

Germany is out. [via @sportscenter]

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It kinda feels like when Gryffindor beat Slytherin in the house cup in the first Harry Potter book–I mean, look at their uniforms!

Anyway, GO KOREA. They won’t be moving onto the next round either, but at least they won’t go home empty-handed.

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