SILICON VALLEY Used K-Pop Group BTS' "Mic Drop Remix" In Its New Trailer [Video] | AsianCrush

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SILICON VALLEY Used K-Pop Group BTS’ “Mic Drop Remix” In Its New Trailer [Video]

Katie Cannon January 11, 2018 August 20th, 2019

Even nerds need a good diss track, and k-pop gods BTS were only to happy to provide.

The trailer for Season 5 of HBO’s hit comedy SILICON VALLEY just dropped, and guess what else dropped with it, bitches? MICS.

Specifically, the mics of “Mic Drop Remix,” BTS’ wildly popular Steve Aoki-fied banger featuring American rapper Desiigner. The song’s slowly building beat serves as the backdrop to a trademark awkward moment starring socially-challenged startup CEO Thomas Middleditch as he has a relatable panic attack while preparing to unveil the “New Internet.”

Were these two worlds I expected to collide? Decidedly not. But am I fucking amped? Uh, yeah. I’d be v.surprised if SILICON VALLEY and BTS had a sizable crossover fanbase to begin with, but I sense the winds of change are upon us. Faithful ARMYs are already bingeing the show. Clueless tech bros are frantically Shazaming the teaser’s lit soundtrack.

Eerily enough, the company that SILICON VALLEY revolves around is actually named “Pied Piper.” That’s right–just like BTS’s sexy disco track from their latest album “Love Yourself: Her.” You know, the one where they hilariously & mercilessly call out their fans for being fucking obsessed?

Check out the Mic Drop in action:

Honestly, it’s pretty perfect. Although the trailer mostly only utilizes the song’s EDM intro and a snippet of Desiigner’s rap verse, RM closes out the teaser with his prophetic “Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play.”

Go get ’em, boys. This is just more proof of BTS’ (and k-pop in general) growing influence worldwide. May you be featured in many soundtracks to come.