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Shu Qi Is Taking A Break From Acting

Katie Cannon December 6, 2017 December 6th, 2017

Ever since Shu Qi’s casual post social media about her forthcoming break yesterday,   Chinese media has been afrenzy speculating over just why Taiwanese superstar Shu Qui would take a hiatus from acting: a pregnancy? the pursuit of a directing career? WHY?? HOW?? FOR HOW LONG??? WE NEED ANSWEEEERRRRSSSSS DAMN IT!!

Qi’s response to all the hubbub? Basically: fucking chill, guys.

It all started with a picture of Qi’s cute cats, with a caption that read: “I will be taking a break from acting, thank you for all your love and support, see you soon.”

Which is, admittedly, pretty vague.

But per Channel New Asia, the 41-year-old actress has now made a more detailed statement to clarify the reasons and repurcussions of her break.

For one thing–it’s just temporary. And she’s not pregnant, just (understandably) tired from her recent filming schedule.

As she told Apple News Daily:

How did this blow up overnight? Filming [on SHANGHAI FORTRESS] just wrapped, I want to rest and take care of my health, don’t think too much into it. The doctor has warned me that I can’t keep filming – it’s a temporary break, not retirement.

So let the record show: Shu Qi’s taking a break from making movies to get some much-need, doctor-mandated rest.

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Via Channel News Asia