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SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA “Food Wars” Manga Reportedly Ending This June

Otter Lee June 6, 2019 June 6th, 2019

From its delicious, decadent recipes to its fantastical, orgasmic food reactions, Shokugeki no Soma has titillated and tickled fans’ minds and palettes since 2012. The story follows Yukihira Soma, a scrappy young chef who seeks to prove himself at a snobby, strict elite culinary school, and the many friends and rivals he makes.

Created by YĆ«to Tsukuda and Shun Saeki along with special input from real world chef and TV personality Yuki Morisaki, Shokugeki went on to become a recognizable and iconic hit. Streaming service CrunchyRoll and dubbing company Sentai Works would swiftly introduce the Shokugeki phenomenon to viewers outside of Japan.

An anime adaptation began airing in 2015 with a great deal of popularity and success. Between intense food duels between aspiring and established chefs, cutesy designs, and fun slice of life moments, Shokugeki truly embodied anime in the most self-referential of ways.

While the series bombarded the world with fan service, viewers and readers also loved finding out about different recipes, cooking styles, and special ingredients from around the world.

Recent chapters received criticism for featuring villains that use chainsaws and guillotines in their meal preparation. The lack of visible logic or cooking practicality that appeared in earlier sagas has left fans confused and disappointed.

Now, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, the serial in which Shokugeki runs, has declared that the manga will be officially and abruptly ending in just three chapters by June 17th. The final trio will complete manga volume 35.

Still, while the manga might be ending, Shonen Jump took special consideration to tease that a “big announcement” involving the franchise would be published alongside its conclusion. Could a spin-off, sequel, or prequel series possibly be in the works?