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See the Chubby Makeup Shin Min-A Will be Shedding in OH MY VENUS

Staff Writer November 9, 2015 December 3rd, 2015

Actors love transforming themselves, from Bale to Theron to de Niro to Bale to Leto to, uh, Bale again. It’s a feat they can carry with pride, a way of saying “I am a dedicated, consummate professional who will discard vanity and reshape my very own body in the pursuit of my craft.” In Hollywood, it turns out, street cred is measured in pounds.

But those unwilling to take such drastic risks with their health just end up facing a different test of devotion: having to sit still for hours on end while makeup artists glue and paint and taper and adjust several layers of silicone and padding all over their bodies. These are your Paltrows and your Ah-jungs – and now, your Min-as!

We’ve already reported on Shin Min-a’s upcoming Kdrama OH MY VENUS, where she’ll play an overweight lawyer who turns to So Ji-sub’s personal trainer to shed some pounds. Min-a being the walking “After” picture that she is, however, we had a hard time imagining how she’d play the “Before” portion of the series.

Well, with the premiere just over horizon, we’ve finally gotten our first glimpse of Min-a’s insecure lawyer as she’ll appear at the start of the show.

Shin Min-a OH MY VENUS makeup

“So I could gain 20 to 30 pounds and still be adorable? Good to know.”

I can’t tell which to be more impressed by: how realistic that makeup looks, or how Min-a still totally pulls it off. As anyone who’s done special effects will attest, however, preparing makeup for photography is much easier than planning makeup that looks good in action. Thankfully, the latest teaser shows off Min-a’s transformation in motion, and it stands up.

Honestly, this all comes as quite a relief. There has been speculation over how Min-a would look in the start of the series, with many worried that the show would barely make her even “TV fat,” which would make the show the unfortunate journey of a woman with nothing much to worry about only finding happiness in unattainable beauty. From the looks of this trailer, however, it appears that not only were they unafraid of generously padding their star, but that they completely nailed the makeup FX.

Just another reason to look forward to November 16, when OH MY VENUS will premiere on KBS after an all new “Sassy, Go, Go.”