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THE RING Virtual Reality Lets You Haunt Victims Through Sadako’s Eyes

Staff Writer June 27, 2016 August 20th, 2019

Curious about a day in the life of creepy vengeful ghost, Sadako?

Look no further, because this virtual reality video game prototype by Twitter user @tatsunoru demonstrates what life would be like in the shoes of our classic horror villain, complete with stringy black hair covering the face.


In the movie, Sadako haunts viewers of her cursed videotape and eventually crawls out of the TV and scares her victims to death. The VR game basically has the same premise. The “player” aka Sadako locates the TV where the cursed video is playing, calls the victim, and then enters the TV to portal to haunt and kill the viewer.

All in all, Sadako’s day to day activities seem pretty monotonous, but it could be fun to play the villainous ghost rather than be terrified to death by one. The game is just a prototype for now, but who knows! Perhaps this horror game twist will be in our future.


Source: Rocketnews

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