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Recent Tweets Prove Starbucks Is Officially A Meme-Crazed, Multi-Fandom K-Pop Stan

Katie Cannon June 11, 2018 June 12th, 2018

Here’s the (grande, no ice) tea: Starbucks is an ARMY.

And a Once. And a Monbebe. Basically, the ubiquitous coffee brand has fallen deep into k-pop fandom and is replying to k-pop stans with their own creative, meme-literate fangirling.

It began (as it often does) with reigning k-pop kings BTS. Back in December, a group of Korean ARMYS started a coffee pop-up that served “Starkooks” coffee, with our very own memelord maknae Jeon Jungkook’s face on the cups.


But for some reason, Starbucks didn’t respond immediately. Maybe they hadn’t discovered k-pop yet. Starbucks wasn’t mentioned specifically in the text of the tweet, or else I’m sure they would’ve replied–after all, you can’t ignore the clout of 15 million followers. But then in January, they replied to a fan who used the image for a cutesy pun:

Then in February, they referenced Starkooks again in their reply to BTS stan–who hadn’t even mentioned BTS in her tweet.

Better late than never, I guess.  This is some grade-A guerrilla marketing. But then, I think, they fell for real–because in March, they composed a whole-ass, punny love poem for the boys. They even knew in-joke nicknames like Chim!

Since then, Starbucks clearly been listening to the K-pop Daebak playlist on Spotify and expanding their repertoire, because now they’re responding to other fandoms all over the place.

Take this exchange with a Twice fan, wherein they spoke for all of us when they said “Without Sana, there is no life.”

And Twice themselves sent the love right back, modifying the lyric from their latest title track from “What Is Love” to “What Is Coffee?”

And then Starbucks continued the sing-along.

That same day, Starbucks responded to a MONSTA Z fan with one of my all time favorite memes.

They’re referencing, of course, this iconic gif of Hyungwon sipping tea and serving shade at a fansign.

And again, Monsta X responded by upping the memery.

It’s a beautiful, capitalism-and-caffeine-fueled (but honestly, still pure) love story.