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Nintendo Switch Video Game Claims It Will Replicate The Feeling Of Jiggling Boobs

Katie Cannon April 14, 2017 June 7th, 2017

Are you an avid gamer that’s never known the touch of a woman?

That’s too bad.

But hey–technology’s doing amazing things these days.  In fact, one of newest innovations from the Nintendo Switch means that you can finally capture the feeling of a good boob fondle without having to interact with a real human!

It all comes down to the Switch’s HD Rumble feature, which uses different vibration patterns to simulate the sensations of whatever’s happening in your game. The tech is apparently so nuanced that it can replicate the feeling of something as subtle as shaking an ice cube–or even multiple ice cubes!–in a glass.

And thanks to the Kenchiro Takiki, creator of the Senren Kagura game/anime, the new controllers has been harnessed for the powers of fapping so players can experience a reasonable facsimile of second base.

I’m shaky on the science here, but supposedly, different vibrations can reproduce the sensation of jiggling a breast in a bra. And Senren Kagura, which follows the epic, bodice-ripping battles of E-cupped ninja school girls, would provide plenty of opportunities for the tangible tech to work its magic.

At the moment, the game developers are hard at work studying the movements of various boob stand-ins, like water balloons and jiggly Japanese puddings. If successful, the franchise’s first Nintendo Switch game, Senren Kagura Refle, will offer an HD Rumble like no other.

Check out their experiments in action:

Tbh though, I’m also very unclear on how this could possibly function the way they hope it will. As an owner of boobs myself, I’m not sure any amount of vibration could make a hard plastic game controller feel anything like the flesh-and-blood fat sac that is a human tit.

But if they manage it–I’ll be impressed. Or should I say imBREAST?

Via Rocket News 24