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New BTS Mobile Game Imagines Player As Their Manager

Otter Lee May 15, 2019 May 20th, 2019

BTS is releasing a new mobile game, and it’s like something out of an anime or visual novel come to life. While BTS world isn’t quite a dating simulator, it promises oodles of exclusive content and one on one time with your favorite boy band members.

The game casts each character as a rising manager in the world of K-Pop. After taking a short personality quiz, players are tasked with managing the best match for them amongst the members of BTS. It’s sure to be an incredibly important decision that makes Pottermore’s Sorting Hat look boring, insignificant, and uninvolved by comparison. The game’s mobile function will have your designated boy send you messages, photos, and recorded phone conversations. Additionally, the game promises over 100 new videos and 10,000 exclusive BTS photos. There’s also an exclusive new track that was created solely for the game.

You can bet, diehard stans will be shelling out their hard earned money to get an advantage in the form of new promotional content or bonding time with the boys.

While BTS World has had ARMYs salivating since January, the latest update on the game’s features had them in a social media frenzy. Many posts focus idealize the activity of waiting on various BTS members many whims and needs. Others seem to embrace the idea that a manager could bend the boys to their whim in deciding outfits or set-lists. Clearly, the imagination of this fanbase has already created a world more diverse and disturbing than what the game can offer.

Others pointed out that fantasy is not something that is usually restrained with superfans.

You can access the game and register for it on the official Net Marble website. The world of possibilities and dreams will begin THIS JUNE!

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