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New App Lets Thirsty K-Pop Fans Go On A Virtual Reality Date With Irene of RED VELVET

Katie Cannon May 15, 2018 August 20th, 2019

Today in news that’s left me disappointed and only mildly surprised, SM Entertainment’s doing the most to fuel the fantasies of obsessive k-pop stans by offering the opportunity to date idol Irene of RED VELVET–virtually, that is.

In a new app called STARDATE #IRENE, users can take Irene out to a variety of romantic settings–a scenic car drive, a fireworks show, etc. Sounds like we’re being a little stingy considering we’re trying to woo one of the most successful stars in the industry, but hey–it’s a dream scenario, right? Playing through different missions and levels, you can earn points to unlock three possible endings. I wonder if one of them involves dumping your cheap ass?

Obviously this’ll be a dream come true for some thirsty fans, and maybe just a cringey-fun diversion for others.  But as AsianJunkie pointed out: just how does *Irene* feel about this? After all, the same fans who’re dying for the chance to VR date her might just be the same ones who started burning her merch when they found out she might be a feminist. Did her contract with SM sign away her right to not fake-date fans? Just how awkward was it filming these fake-dates? Pray 4 Irene, y’all.

Then again, this isn’t the first time an agency’s taken fanservice to virtual reality. There was an entire Innisfree ad campaign that revolved around a VR date with actor Lee Minho; and reigning k-pop kings BTS have already dropped a trailer for their own VR game wherein fans act as their manager.

The app is currently available to download on Android. I imagine if this one’s successful, they’ll roll out versions starring other SM idols.

Your bias could be next.

Via AsianJunkie