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NBC Mixed Up BTS’ RM With Jonghyun When Reporting On The K-Pop Star’s Death

Kia Tolentino December 20, 2017 December 20th, 2017

While fans are still mourning the death of Kim Jonghyun, singer-songwriter and beloved lead vocalist of popular K-Pop group SHINee, NBC Chicago reported on the tragic event while mistakenly using footage of K-Pop supergroup BTS. The 5AM Morning News segment confused Jonghyun with BTS leader and main rapper, RM. You literally had one job.

While one might assume it was merely the wrong footage which would still make for a substantial mistake, the news anchor went on to mention “That band recently appeared on The Ellen Show and the American Music Awards,” confirming the mix-up between the two idols.

While the anchor was able to identify the late idol as “Kim Jonghyun, better known as Jonghyun,” the clip featuring BTS clearly opened with RM introducing himself as such. It’s like they couldn’t even do a quick Google search, let alone review the video they were going to put ON AIR. Come on, guys.

Understandably, the news station’s Twitter was flooded with outraged fans and non-fans alike, including 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford.

NBC Chicago’s website uses the correct image of Kim Jonghyun, so at least there’s SOMEONE that knows what they’re doing. The major American television network has since issued an apology via Twitter.

Given the severity of the situation and the BS apology being made on Twitter when the mistake was made on TELEVISION, fans continued to respond with discontent:


A number of Western news outlets have reported on the suicide loss of Kim Jonghyun given its motivation by the relentless K-Pop industry and its impact on the international K-Pop community of fans current and fans past. However, it’s disappointing to see that with what little research is required, certain outlets still fail to report accurately and instead focus on reporting quickly.


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