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Murderer’s School Teaching Women To Be Submissive & Obedient Shut Down In China

Otter Lee December 6, 2017 December 6th, 2017

The Chinese government has shut down a school that promised to teach women obedience and “traditional values.” Since 2011, the Fushun School of Traditional Culture acted as a place where husbands, fathers, and dissatisfied bosses and employers could send “unruly” women to be reconditioned.

Coursework for the women and often their young daughters included waking up at 4:30 AM in the morning, doing rigorous menial labor and housework, and being forced to weep and beg for forgiveness for their alleged misdeeds.

A particularly heinous lesson plan from the school could be seen in a video by Pear Video that rapidly spread online. In it, instructors condemned gender equality and urged women to accept domestic and spousal abuse, including physical assault or punishment.

Women were also prescribed to always take a man’s side and never argue with him, provide husbands with sex whenever they want it,  and to avoid divorce at any cost.

Perhaps most dangerous was the sexual ignorance the school spread. It claimed that if a woman has sex with more than three men, the combined semen could create a toxic threat to her life.

Outside of the domestic sector, the school also taught the women sent there to avoid high ranking positions and “just stay at the bottom level” when it comes to jobs.

Disobedient in his own youth, the school’s founder, Kang Jisheng, was convicted and sent to prison for murdering one of his teachers as a teen.  Upon leaving, he started a bottled water business, then took it upon himself to teach “traditional values” by opening up several branches of the controversial school.

Teachers and staff  claimed that their institute was being misrepresented, and was only working to restore traditional values and gender behaviors to the modern world.

The Chinese government closed the school shortly after investigating it, declaring “We must stop any phenomenon that violates the socialist core value.”


Via BBC and South China Morning Post