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Mexico Crowned Champion Of World Cosplay Summit For Street Fighter Performance

Otter Lee August 9, 2018 August 20th, 2019

Around the world, dedicated fans of manga, anime, video games, visual novels, and other Japanese popular culture, practice cosplay, the art of dressing up and embodying one’s favorite characters.

Since 2006, the World Cosplay Summit joins dozens of nations in a convention and competition held in multiple locations throughout Japan that is meant to appreciate the wonders and beauty of Japanese culture. From July 28th to August 5th #WCS2018 assembled 36 different countries , including newcomers Bulgaria, Costa Rica, and South Africa.


One duo from Team Chile showcased a Kuragehime – Princess Jellyfish cosplay. Just look at the level of detail in that gossamer gown!

Another pair from Team Russia brought One Piece‘s Nico Robin and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s Josuke to life.

Scoring is extremely competitive with 100 points being based on accuracy, quality, and craftsmanship in each costume. The other 200 points come from performance, stage presence, and faithfulness to embodying one’s character.

Only the highest scoring pairs from each country make it to the final round. The best competitors demonstrated remarkably elaborate performances featuring music, sound effects, voice acting, choreography, and costumes.

Team Philippines had an extremely detailed reenactment of a fight from Sengoku Basara.

Team France’s highest ranking competitors went with a performance inspired by Resident Evil: Revelations. They used projected images of various menus and ingame icons to make it look like they were literally inhabiting the world and gameplay of the video game. There’s also a pretty gory and creepy gun and melee fight with a zombie. Dedicated fans will recognize that heroine Jill Valentine does in fact trace some of her lineage to France.

It was a team from Mexico that took home grand prize at the WCS however with an absolutely dazzling Street Fighter routine. Luis and Lalo played Chun Li and Dhalsim from the classic arcade series, and they laced their performance with as much nostalgia and charm as possible.

Their fight had smooth moves, choreography and combination timing synced to perfection. They also featured special attacks galore, a faux loading screen, and even an arcade gaming console to set the mood!

2nd and 3rd place went to Indonesia and Thailand, respectively.

Indonesia brought a bloody sequence from Warriors Orochi3.

Thailand traded gore for comedy with a routine from Monster Hunter.

All these competitors really demonstrated that they can both dress and act their parts! Who knew being an Otaku required so much physical exertion and fancy footwork?

Via Nextshark