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Meet Kohey Nishi: Japan’s Youngest Looking Adult Film Stud

Otter Lee June 14, 2017 June 14th, 2017

At three feet, six inches, Kohey Nishi, stage name Nishikun, looks like he could be someone’s adorable kid brother, especially when wearing one of those itty bitty little bowties. However, don’t let his looks deceive you–he’s actually a major player and director in the adult film industry!

Nishi is actually 24 years old and a former computer programmer. Today, he works on such household classics as “Nice to Meet You. I am Nishikun, a 109cm Porn Director” and “Having Sex in the Magic Mirror Box Car with a Female College Student with F-Cup Breasts Who Wants to Be a Kindergarten Teacher.” Such engaging, descriptive titles leave nothing to the imagination yet have proven to be huge hits among youth in Japan, particularly young ladies.

Nishi’s childlike appearance is the result of mucopolysaccharidosis, an incurable disease. He also suffers complications from rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the skeletal muscles as well as a tumor. He will never grow any taller. Nor can he stand on his own two feet for more than five minutes or perform physical tasks like opening a plastic bottle.

His fragile spinal cord is particular worrying for him because it could leave him paralyzed later in life.

Still, Nishi doesn’t let his circumstances bother him too much. After all, he probably wouldn’t have his thrilling career without his unique features. And most of the time, he’s sitting on a bed or another human, so he won’t put too much stress of his body, though he does confess that many shoots leave his muscles sore.

In an interview with Vice, he remarked: “There is no one who is an adult and looks like a kid more than me! And not just for the porn industry. You cannot cast actual kids sometimes [in non-pornographic films], so I’d like to fill the gap in that market.”

Nishi acknowledges that in satisfying a specific, perverse fantasy, his work might even be useful in preventing actual children from suffering abuse.

Nishi also admits that he likes the attention, even when it is negative, claiming: “Now I have valuable experiences and also enjoy the slander against me, so I’m happy I got involved in the industry. I have no problem with my career.”

Happy filming, Nishikun!

Via: Vice