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Meet Kim Soo-jin, the Woman Who Keeps K-Drama Fans Salivating

Staff Writer November 26, 2015 March 6th, 2017

All across the country, families are making the annual 4pm Thanksgiving pilgrimage from the dinner table to the nearest available couch. This long waddle allows for a time of reflection. Why is the sleepiest holiday dinner also the earliest? Should I feel bad about how much I ate now, or push it off until January? Will I ever be hungry again?

While most of those questions will remain impenetrable holiday mysteries, we can at least answer that last one: it doesn’t matter how stuffed you are, how distant the desire for food may be, if you flip across a show that lists Kim Soo-jin in the credits, you will find yourself thinking “Man, that does look tasty.” It’s her job, after all.

Kim Soo-jin  is a food director who puts in painstaking effort to make Korean food look as appetizing as conceivably possible in film and television. If you’ve every found your eyes drifting away from the action of a scene towards a delicious meal spread lavishly across a table, it’s likely you’ve seen her work already. Kim Soo-jin has contributed her expertise to THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS, WARM AND COZY, and both of the LE GRAND CHEF movies.

A dish we'd be afraid to touch from LE GRAND CHEF.

A dish we’d be afraid to touch from LE GRAND CHEF.

At a recent event at the New York City Korea Society, Kim Soo-jin spoke of her passion for traditional Korean food, and how it led to her opening her first restaurant. As she traveled around the globe and explored other cuisines, her desire to share Korean cooking  with the world and to present it as beautifully as possible continued to grow. She established the Food and Culture Academy in Seoul, and found that the recent Hallyu allowed her a wider and more eager audience than ever before. As her reputation spread, production studios began to seek her out, knowing that if a script called for a meal to look unbelievably appealing, Kim Soo-jin was the one who could bring it to life.

If you’d like to read more about Kim Soo-jin’s considerable talents, was at the event and has a fascinating look at the woman’s career. Feel free to head over there, just don’t complain when you find yourself with an insatiable yearning for kimchi and japchae.

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