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Brutal McDonalds Battle Between Customer And Employee Goes Viral [Video]

Otter Lee July 30, 2018 July 30th, 2018

Videos of public altercations often spread quickly across the web, but the footage of one particularly nasty fight between a McDonalds customer and employee has gone truly viral.

After a tense period of trash talk, where much of the dialogue is impossible to make out and the cries of a distressed child or infant can be heard, first blood is struck in the form of a thrown milkshake.

The aggressive customer can previously be heard saying, “That’s why your fat a** is behind the ****ing counter!” to her foe. The goaded employee had started to come at her when the customer tossed the shake. Based on the video, it’s unclear how much of the milkshake indeed connected with its target, but the aftermath is undeniable.

After the customer hits her in the face with her tray, the fast food worker is able to rain a McFlurry of fists upon her opponent, even knocking one of her breasts out of her top. As bystanders struggle to break up the fight, the McDonalds’ employee is even able to throw the other woman over a table and continue her assault.

The customer then becomes entangled with another woman who appears to be a friend, coworker, or all of the employee. After a brief clash with her, she is then dragged back into the fray with the employee, who throws her onto the table again.

For a moment, there’s a lull in the action. The worker then yells “My mama ain’t dead! You respect my mama” as the customer walks away and tries to fix her clothes.

In perhaps the most astounding moment of all, the customer, who has been thoroughly tossed around and humbled, attempts to pick up a chair and attack the worker again. This is quickly shut down. While the smack talk and threatening continues, the video cuts out before any more violence can be recorded.

The two combatants have since been identified as Erika Chavolla and Sabrinah Fontellar. Chavolla is notably still employed at the Las Vegas McDonalds where the fight occurred, though she did receive misdemeanor battery charges for assaulting the customer.

Employee Erika Chavolla and customer Sabrinah Fontelar’s social media photos

Chavolla claims that the verbal abuse she suffered went on for an extended period, recalling “You know, it gets crazy. Just people think ‘cause you’re working, you’re supposed to … you know, I held it up … she was talking a lot of smack for a long time.”

The fight apparently began when Fontelar asked for a cup for water and Chavolla preemptively turned off the soda machine and accused her of being too poor to afford a drink.

Chavolla also feels that the other woman was thrown into an intense situation and reacted naturally. In her words:  “I wasn’t even going to hit her, but I get it, that’s a big girl coming towards you. You’re going to panic and you’re going to freak out.”

Chavolla’s boyfriend, who can be seen trying to defuse her anger in the video, admits, “I was not trying to stop it. You don’t stop a big woman like that.”

Via NY Post