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MBLAQ’s G.O Signs On To First Major Film Role

Staff Writer January 22, 2016 January 24th, 2016

That K-pop is so hot right now! Like, lava level “burn down a town” hot. And, much like lava, we mere mortals are helpless to stem its relentless flow as it spreads across our cultural landscape.

They’re in our drama! They’re in our pop cultural phenomena! And now they’re in our movies, too!

Or at least they will be soon. MBLAQ vocalist G.O recently accepted a substantial role the upcoming family drama DAD IS DAUGHTER (no official English translation yet decided) The movie, from first time director Kim Hyeong-hyeop, will focus on a father and daughter who must work through a lifetime of discord and learn to trust and work with each other. The up-and-coming tv actress Jeong So-min and frequent Bong Joon-ho collaborator Yoon Je-moon will star in the lead roles, while G.O will play a young CEO somehow involved in their conflict.

Having only acted in television dramas previously, this project mark’s G.O’s first foray into the world of feature length, though the same cannot be said of MBLAQ as a group. I recent years, MBLAQ lost two members – Lee Joon and Thunder – to the pastures of Korea’s film industry. Moreover, while pop-star-cum-actor stories in the US often end with a limp whimper, it seems these K-pop stars are still shining even on screen. Lee Joon, especially, has established himself as a capable actor, having received serious praise for his roles in ROUGH PLAY and THE PIPER.

Whether G.O will manage to stick his landing quite as firmly as his former band mates remains to be seen. DAD IS DAUGHTER is still shooting in South Korea, and no release windows have been offered. If you’d like to sate your MBLAQ thirst, rest assured you’ll soon get to soak up as much Lee Joon as you’d like when ROUGH PLAY arrives on Asian Crush in March. You can check out the trailer for that below, and stay tuned for more details of G.O’s movie debut in the meantime.

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