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Matchmaking Chinese Grandma Goes Viral, Bringing Hundreds Of Happy Couples Together

Otter Lee March 26, 2018 March 26th, 2018

58-year-old grandmother Lin Jingfu was a migrant worker for most of her adult life, but a year ago everything changed when she started live streaming.

Retiring from her previously hectic lifestyle, Lin resumed living in her hometown of Cangzhou in Hebei province to care for her grandchildren. However, she soon found that she wanted a little more excitement in her day to day.

Lin recalls “I was bored at home and just wanted to do something for fun. I guess I’m different [from] other older women because I like trying out new things.” 

Shortly after beginning her livestreaming career, Lin found that her various viewers and fans were relying on her for advice related to love.  The Chinese word for these worldly and wise older women is “dama.”

Every morning, Lin makes breakfast for her family and completes her cleaning and housework. By 6 AM, she logs in and proceeds to spend up to 10 hours a day communicating with her many fans.

She takes special care in setting up couples with each other, even keeping individual handwritten notes and files on everyone she is helping.

Matchmaking is thirsty work.

Lin’s credits her sassy, down-to-earth personality with her popularity.

Lin adds ““I’m the kind of person who likes to chat and laugh. I guess my outgoing personality makes me the right person for the job.” Prettysoon, she was massively popular with over 75,000 followers on social media.

Still, despite profiting from virtual gifts and donations (fans often contribute about 50 yuan ($7.90) to 300 yuan ($47.42) per session and sessions average about 200 viewers), Lin says “I believe in helping others to find love – it should be free of charge.”

Lin just enjoys helping people above all else, declaring:

Matchmaking is a joy to me and doing it for free is a principle of mine. Nothing makes me happier than to see a couple come on my live-stream reporting that they are in love, without tipping me virtual gifts. All I want is to help people build a comfortable and loving family.

Lin has a great deal of disdain for professional matchmaking services that charge their clients large sums of money to pair them with prospective partners.

She had fighting words for them, claiming “Those matchmakers are old and don’t know live streaming and they don’t know me either.”

Whenever Lin can’t get a couple to work, she always feels personally responsible and bad about it. When they break up, she often takes great pains to counsel and comfort them.

In the month of March alone, Lin has successfully created 200 romantic pairings, and 30 of those couples have already gotten married!

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