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Matchmaking Bus Driver Brings 23 Couples Together On His Bus

Otter Lee August 27, 2018 August 27th, 2018

Forget the Love Shack, the Love Bus is the newest hot spot for blossoming couples in the city of  Zhenzhou, China! A bus driver named Yun Xi has received the moniker “Yue Lao on wheels” (Yue Lao being the Chinese god of marriage) after becoming famous for pairing people on his bus route.

Yun has been  following in his father’s matchmaking footsteps–or should we say tire marks?–since 2008. Yun’s father brought people together in his rural hometown, but as many of you readers know, dating in the city is another matter entirely.

After listening to parents lament their children’s lack of partners day after day whilst on their commutes, the driver decided to literally give people a ride to love. While his bus is still very much used for transportation, Yun made some alterations to assist people in finding their perfect match.

Yun regularly posts dating profiles in the interior of his bus, each featuring photos, hobbies, and other personal information. As many as 20 of them can be found every week in the bus. Yun also utilizes a special QR code system to connect the hopeful romantics over messaging app WeChat.

Over the years, he has brought countless couples together, and 23 of those couples ended up tying the knot.

Outside of his vehicle, Yun also throws singles mixers and meetups during notable romantic days in China: Valentine’s Day on February 14th,  May 20th, and Singles’ Day on November 11th.

And why does he go through all this trouble? Simply, because he loves seeing love. According to Yun “I hope more people can find their loved ones on my bus. When I see two singles become a couple, my heart melts!”

If only Yun could expand his services, maybe he could solve loneliness in urban areas around the world.

Via The GB Times and Nextshark