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Lost in Translation: 30 of the Most Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

Dana Lee September 30, 2016 August 20th, 2019

1. You Are Here

Just FYI



2. Exploding Duck




3. Fuck Vegetables

A sign for meat-lovers, only?



4. Fuck Prices

Sticking it to the man.

screw-those-certain-prices-photo-u1 (1)


5. Helping Hand?

Thank you, but no.



6. Kidnappee Problems

Hi, 911? I’d like to report that I’ve gone missing…



7. Do Not Disturb

Shhh…don’t wake the grass.



8. Wikipedia Fried with Eggs

Can we get it Googled fried, instead?



9. No Dying Allowed

Sorry, go die somewhere else.



10. Execution in Progress

Come back later?



11. Curled Poo Garden

Stop and smell the poo.



12. Hot Dogs & AIDS

The perfect combo.



13. Better Life

This could totally be applicable at home.



14. Toilet Dreams

One place, one dream: the toilet



15. Hand Grenade

In case of an emergency, the hand grenade is located by the stairs.



16. Falling Carefully

Don’t be clumsy.



17. Questionable Menu

Cat ears and rotten children, yum!



18. Roasted Husband

In case you aren’t feeling the rotten children.



19. You are the Best

Thank you for urinating in the pool?



20. Stupid Sprouts

The smart sprouts get to live, the stupid ones go in this dish.



21. I like your smile…

..but what??



22. Unwanted Kisses

This tree doesn’t want your grubby kisses.



23. Cunt Exam

See you next time



24. Whatever

When the translator gives zero fucks.



25. Potato Feels




26. Racist Park

Don’t say they didn’t warn you.



27. Drunken Driving

Reverse psychology at play?


28. Exclusive Park

Only for those interested in “getting off.”



29. Mind Crotch

Careful, there.



30. Electric Shock

There’s nothing like a nice electric shock to end your day with.


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