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Look Like a JRPG Hero With Official FFXV Gear (Hair Gel Not Included)

Mickey Silberstein April 5, 2016 April 5th, 2016

JRPG tropes are many and ubiquitous. Weapons the size of players! Random encounters! Doomsday prophecies and characters with names like Latin hymns!

Still, one trope trumps them all. We are speaking, of course, of the JRPG fashion, because how can anyone save the world without a factory’s worth of zippers, belts, and pockets sewn onto their body?

My skirt is literally belts

I’m Lulu, and my skirt is literally belts

While we’ve never been sure why this fashion hasn’t bled into everyday, it seems the answer has finally arrived. Japanese designer Roen has just released a line of gear based on the Final Fantasy XV’s main characters, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum. While any price can seem outrageous in Yen, the folks at Crunchyroll did us all the courtesy of converting and adding up the costs of the outfits in US dollars, and, well, they’re still rather outrageous.

Fashion to brood in

Fashion to brood in

Let’s look at the Noctis outfit first. Consisting of a shirt, shorts, gloves, and socks, the entire ensemble comes out to $2,500. Prompto’s duds, meanwhile, are a step up even from that. “All the items,” writes Crunchyroll, “—including the ¥237,600 ($2,129) Wappen Blouson, ¥91,800 ($822) denim pants, ¥29,160 ($261) gloves, and ¥4,212 ($38) bandana—[add] up to a whopping $3,250.”

Guess all those zippers aren’t cheap. Still, when the same price can buy you either the clothing from the game, or an advanced VR home theater setup that lets feel like you’re in it, well… it puts things in perspective.

Do any of you look at these price tags and think, “Worth it?” Or is this a little rich for your blood?

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