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Livestreaming Foodie Tries To Eat Live Octopus And Almost Gets Her Face Suckered Off

Otter Lee May 13, 2019 August 20th, 2019

China’s livestreaming obsession can be a lucrative career path that rewards popular content creators with fame and fortune. However, one Chinese food blogger bit off more than she could chew when she attempted to film herself devouring a live octopus.

The social media personality known by the handle “Seaside Girl Little Seven” was popular for sampling different seafoods on livestream. For the past couple weeks, she had complained that her vlog wasn’t getting enough views.

Her viewership around the world shot up after she posted a short clip of herself attempting to eat a Giant Pacific Octopus. The intelligent cephalopod quickly realized that it was in danger and fought for its life. It latched onto Seaside Girl Little Seven, digging its suckers into her flesh.

When the initial novelty wore off, the foodie began to scream and cry at the pain and pressure. It managed to yank her mouth, eyelid, and cheeks to varying degrees that left her horrified.

It honestly gets pretty gruesome!

After finally, managing to rip it off, the livestreamer proclaims that she will shoot a different video where she finally eats the octopus. She begins to panic and weep again, however, when she realizes that the octopus visibly bloodied her face. The video ends with her howling that her face is “disfigured.”

Her animal antics have made her a virtual laughingstock across the Internet. Some users think she got what she deserved for trying to torture and eat a live sea creature. Others believed she exaggerated her pain and played up her trauma for views.




She would probably do well to only film herself eating deceased critters or maybe go vegetarian from now on. It’s hard to believe the views are worth it when everybody seems to be enjoying her pain .

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