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Live-Action SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Trailer Goes Up

Otter Lee May 1, 2019 August 20th, 2019

The world of live-action video game adaptations is getting another iconic hero. This time it’s Sega’s poster speedster Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dropping on April 30th via Paramount Picture’s YouTube channel, the video is already proving controversial with 26,000 Likes and 22,000 Dislikes.

The movie stars Bronx native actor and comedian Ben Schwartz as the wisecracking, sound-barrier-breaking hedgehog. Schwartz is best known for his acting on the sitcom Parks and Recreation and the business comedy House of Lies. James Marsden of X-Men, Westworld, and Enchanted fame will play his human sidekick.

In the trailer, the furry force of nature can be seen spinning through obstacles and blasting energy in all of his movements. Veteran comedian Jim Carrey will be playing the villainous Dr. Robotnik/ Eggman, who terrorizes a United States military base with…. comedic antics.

Comedy seems to be a running theme throughout the film. Upon meeting James Marsden, Sonic tries to utter a “Meow” before being shot with a tranquilizer dart then interrogated. In another scene, Sonic can be seen taking his time dodging missiles a la Quicksilver from the X-Men prequel trilogy.

Netizens and fans of the Sonic franchise seem pretty pessimistic about the film’s potential. Many seemed to dislike the film’s use of absurdist humor. Jim Carrey proved to be a divisive presence in the film with some fans enjoying his performance and others finding it to be too similar to his previous work. The majority of commenters found themselves bewildered and disturbed by Sonic’s rendering as a CGI fur ball.

Others made comparisons between Sonic and the upcoming Detective Pikachu, which similarly features a snarky lead and graphics meant to look more realistic than cartoonish.

Sonic the Hedgehog is slated for a November 2019 release. Expect lots of reshoots as animators and script doctors struggle to meet the demands of Hollywood test audiences.