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Live Action GHOST IN THE SHELL Heads to Paramount

Staff Writer February 1, 2016 February 1st, 2016 Ghost in the Shell

Hollywood Adaptation of Anime Classic Takes Another Turn

Another month, another GHOST IN THE SHELL production update.

From Steven Spielberg to Scarlet Johansson, Hollywood’s attempt to adapt one of Japan’s most iconic anime series has been causing a buzz for years, along with its share of criticism.

Yet the realization of GHOST remains an ongoing process. It’s a saga that took yet another new turn on January 25, when Variety reported that Paramount, rather than Disney, will now be heading up the live-action GHOST production.

Per Variety, the trading of hands won’t affect GHOST IN THE SHELL’s release date: March 31, 2017. Rupert Sanders remains at the directorial helm. Johansson, who recently stunned as an alien in 2013’s UNDER THE SKIN, stars as iconic protagonist Motoko Kusanagi, alongside Pilou Asbæk as Batou.

With a series of graphic novels nearly thirty years old, and a hugely acclaimed cinematic adaptation in 1995, GHOST IN THE SHELL has garnered a powerful fan following through the years. Its production path has, in some ways, paralleled that of AKIRA, another landmark sci-fi anime long speculated in Hollywood, rife with a revolving door of talents and debate.

As the American GHOST IN THE SHELL’s tentative release grows clearer, one suspects the commentary and criticism surrounding the film, and sometimes problematic, conflicting nature of adaptations, will only grow.

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