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Kim Jong-un’s Sister Hid And Lurked All Summit

Otter Lee March 1, 2019 August 20th, 2019

For years, the media and intelligence organization have speculated on the power and mystique of Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister and a major voice in the nation. However, whatever role she was meant to play in negotiations was undoubtedly overshadowed by her odd behavior. The younger Kim followed her brother around without saying a word, sometimes crouching behind furniture and foliage to avoid the watchful eye of the public.

One of her brother’s most trusted and influential advisors,Kim Yo Jong was a fascinating mystery to South Koreans during the Seoul Olympics. Her cryptic smile and lack of communication with foreign journalists made her a hot topic. Even her true age of ~29 remains a mystery to people.  Her familial ties to the Supreme Leader and work for his regime have even earned her the American media moniker the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea.”

Throughout the widely publicized international talks, Kim Yo Jong performed a number of seemingly menial but pivotal tasks for her brother, including handing him his ash tray, providing him with a clean and sterile pen, and accepting gifts and greeting other foreign dignitaries (occasionally pushing other NK officials out of the way to do so. Experts believe that such actions are taken to prevent the collection of the Supreme Leader’s DNA from foreign powers or scientists.

As Vice Director of the Workers’ Party, the younger Kim’s exact long list of responsibilities will likely never be known, but she evidently had a lot of both running and sneaking to do this week.

Still, the odd lengths she went to hide herself did not go unnoticed and resulted in much Internet speculation and humor with individual gifs and photos gleefully being shared.

Via Washington Post

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