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K-pop Star Junior of GOT7 and Ji Woo To Star in SNOW FLURRIES

Katie Cannon January 13, 2016 January 15th, 2016

It’s a tale of two rookies! Well, three. Or four.

Per Korean Film Bi Zone,  Junior of GOT7 will star opposite burgeoning starlet Ji Hoo in the forthcoming romantic drama SNOW FLURRIES. It’s a big break in the careers of both young actors–for Junior, the role is his big screen debut, the final step in his transition from K-pop icon to serious thespian; for Ji Hoo, it’s a chance to solidify her transformation from talented child actor to leading lady, a headliner in her own right.

Junior has already demonstrated his acting chops in web and TV dramas like DREAM HIGH 2, DREAM NIGHT, and MY LOVE EUN-JONG, while 18-year old Ji-Woo first showed star potential playing Kim Hye-su’s young daughter in VILLAIN AND WIDOW (which you can watch right here on Asian Crush!)

The film will also be the first feature-length effort from director Cho Jae-min, who’s won accolades for his short films. SNOW FLURRIES follows Junior and Ji-Woo as two teen outsiders in a small village of Korea’s  southern Gweonsong province. Junior’s character is the new kid in town, fresh from the big city, who seeks solace from his isolation in Ji-Hoo’s lonely protagonist, a girl who’s been dealt nothing but abuse and ostracization from the rest of the village.

The film is a feat as well for newbie studio Myung Jun Institute–SNOW FLURRIES is their first production, the winner of the Jeonju Cinema Project feature film assistance program. The film began production on Jan 1st, with shooting scheduled to wrap at the end of February.

SNOW FLURRIES will premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival on April 28th.


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