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K-Pop Idols Found In Pages Of Marvel’s RUNAWAYS Comics

Otter Lee April 9, 2019 August 20th, 2019
Visual easter eggs can be a fun discovery for fans–especially when a crossover is involved. A favorite character or reference to a famous pop cultural icon can breathe life into what would normally just be a piece of scenery or a nameless face in a crowd.
Sometimes, such a gag can even result in controversy. HBO’s Game of Thrones famously experienced a network and DVD release edit when fans realized that former American President George W Bush was one of the many traitors’ heads on spikes outside the Red Keep.
Luckily, K-Pop fans reading Marvel’s current run of the Runaways’ series found something much softer and more pleasing in store for them.
Red Velvet’s Irene and BTS’ V were spotted gracing a Runaways’ cover from a couple issues back. While it is unclear exactly how much crossover the two fandoms experience, one cannot deny the similar hair color, expression, and position of the pop stars when placed side by side with their comic dopplegangers.

The observation tweet by user @purpleheart____ received a couple thousand Likes and retweets. Sadly, they also found themselves posting a self-protective follow-up post before factions from either group could try to become outraged or get into a war of which group is better.
Could the artist Kris Anka really be a huge K-Pop fan–enough to stitch them into their work and livelihood?
With a third K-Pop star making a guest appearance, it definitely seems possible. BTS member RM’s look is just too iconic to be a random scribbling of inspiration. Even the saved parts of his do and dark earrings made it in there!

Now imagine your favorite bias ending up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe–the possibilities are infinite, and so are the conflicts across the multiverse!