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K-Pop Idol Jung Joon-young Ends Career After Admitting To Sex Video Scandal

Otter Lee March 14, 2019 March 18th, 2019

Another K-Pop star has fallen after problematic behavior surfaced. 30-year-old Jung Joon-young enjoyed a lucrative and prosperous career as a singer-songwriter, radio DJ, host, actor and television personality. However, he lost all that this week after allegations that he covertly recorded himself having sex with women. Worse, Jung distributed his illegal sex tapes, which involved over 10 of his partners, to friends in a mobile chat thread.

After SBS broke the story earlier this month, Jung did not even try to hide his actions. In a statement, he declared “I admit to all my crimes” and added that he would be dropping out of the entertainment industry entirely.

Jung added “I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom, and while I was doing so I didn’t feel a great sense of guilt.”

With the prospect of a police investigation and jail time hovering over him, Jung looks to be more repentant now, however.

He vowed “Throughout the rest of my life, I will repent on my immoral and illegal acts that constitute crimes.”

Additionally, Jung even declared “I will faithfully cooperate with an investigation by police that will start on Thursday and I will readily accept whatever punishment is in store for me.”

Jung’s crimes were actually discovered in a separate investigation, the same one that brought down Seungri and his career. Seungri has been accused of supplying drugs and prostitutes to wealthy patrons of his bar, which he denies. Jung’s illegal sex tapes appear to have been a part of the correspondence there.

One of Jung’s ex-girlfriends accused him of taping her in 2016, but he disputed her claims by saying she had consented to the video while they were in a relationship. Eventually she dropped the case, but these new revelations certainly seem to back up her accusations.

In closing, Jung apologized to his “outraged fans” as well as the women he had humiliated.