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K-Pop Girl Group TWICE’s Movie-Reference-Laden New MV Is Extremely Gay & It’s Glorious [Video]

Katie Cannon April 9, 2018 April 10th, 2018

The sexuality of k-pop idols is 100% none of my business–but I’ll be damned  if there’s not at least one card-carrying lesbian in TWICE.

The girl group just released their latest single, “What Is Love,” with an abso-fucking-lutely adorable music video parodying some of the cinema’s most iconic ~romantic~ moments. But with each other. So it’s nothing but sweet, pure, lady-on-lady love.


Tumblr is, of course, having a field day.

The concept of the video is that the girls are hopelessly inexperienced with dating and  idealize movie love stories, wondering when they’ll meet their own paramour. Could be trite, but then they begin recasting themselves in the films and it goes from zero to 6 on the Kinsey scale real quick.

First (obviously), Jeongyeon and Sana get cozy re-enacting the classic pottery scene from Ghost:

Ack. My heart.

The movie references just ramped up from there, drawing from different decades of movie classics (though mostly the ’90s, tbh.)

There was Nayeon going from “nerdy” (as if) to “omg contact lenses” gorgeous with a  Princess Diaries makeover:


Momo and Tzuyu dancing like a  dreamy Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land:


Then  Tzuyu and Sana cutting the rug like John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction:

And this gorgeous homage to a young  Leo DiCaprio & Claire Danes’ first meeting in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet:


And Jihyo crying for Jeongyeon just like in the 1995 Japanese classic Love Letter.


There were even references to more obscure, high-brow fare like the 1985 French film La Boum, and 1994’s Leon the Professional (not sure how that one jives with the romance concept, but I’ll allow it.)

There was something for everyone! Particularly the lesbians.




Honestly, same.

The Internet is really digging it. As am I.  The song is catchy, the visuals are gorgeous, and the concept’s cute (and gay) af.


Watch the video and prepare to stan: