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K-Pop Fanboys Are Destroying RED VELVET Irene’s Merch Because She Read A Feminist Book

Katie Cannon March 20, 2018 August 20th, 2019


At a recent fanmeeting, k-pop girl group RED VELVET was asked about books they’d read–we’re already in dangerous territory here, folks–and leader Irene brought up the best-selling novel KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982 by Cho Nam-joo. The rest is sad, sexist Internet history.

Apparently the book, which recounts protagonist Kim Ji-young’s tumultous life story from childhood through early adulthood,  has been praised for shedding light on the struggles of women in Korean society; so of course, indignant dude-stans reacted viscerally to Irene’s percieved feminism.

Unfortunately for her new antis, Irene is so undeniably attractive that they couldn’t pull the usual “ur fat and ugly and probably gay” routine Internet trolls are oft fond of, so verbal roastings weren’t going to do the trick. Some fans decided to express their disapproval of Irene’s free-thinking, book-reading shenanigans with strong visuals–by cutting up and even burning her photocards.


Other k-pop stars, like BTS’s RM, have talked about reading and enjoying the book–although because he’s a boy group member, he’s obviously not going to get hate from his legions of fangirls for appreciating feminist lit. GIRLS GENERATION’ Sooyoung was so in love with the book that she actually named her reality show after it: CHOI SOOYOUNG, BORN IN 1990.

All this fire-hazardy hubbub just because Irene mentioned reading a book with feminist overtones. Can you imagine the uproar if she started spouting actual, specific opinions about women’s rights?

Via Koreaboo, Asian Junkie