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Junji Ito’s Horror Anime Anthology Release Date Is The Perfect Halloween Gift

Mickey Silberstein October 13, 2017 August 20th, 2019

Fridays the 13ths always feel like mini Halloweens scattered throughout the year – today’s extra Halloween in October, doubly so.

While most of today’s excitement’s belongs to the distinctly Caucasian Jason Voorhees, there’s still plenty to enjoy from Asia’s rich horror scene. Case in point, J-horror fans: we just got a release date for the upcoming Junji Ito horror anthology anime!

The project’s existence was first revealed back in August when a Japanese teaser site went live with scant details. We knew there’d be an anime anthology based on his manga works titled Junji Ito “Collection,” and… that was about it. Art, rumors, and little else was shared since, leaving fans of the cult manga artist starved for information. The anime was slated to premiere some time in 2018, but that wasn’t useful! What are we talking – February? November? Are we waiting weeks or months and months?!

Well, today we got the best answer we could’ve possibly hoped for, with a premiere announced for Sunday, January 7 on Tokyo MX. That’s right: we are waiting week, singular.

Our best guesses, right to left: Uzumaki, pass, Souichi’s Diary Of Delights, Tomie, scared boy??, and ???? Someone help us.

A single promo image also collected all the different characters across the show’s site to hint at the stories that might appear in the collection. Given the depth of Ito’s work, however – from stone cold classics like Gyo and Tomie to new terrors like Dissolving Classroom – there’s no shortage of inspiration for the show runners to pull from. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if none of the characters from the image even appear. Either way, the important takeaway from all this publicity is that we have LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TO SPECULATE WILDLY AND BASELESSLY! So c’mon, y’all, let’s get started!

(via AnimeNewsNetwork)