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John Cho’s Going Be Spike Spiegel in Netflix’s Live-Action COWBOY BEBOP

Otter Lee April 5, 2019 August 20th, 2019
One of the most celebrated anime of all time is getting a Netflix adaptation and its lead will actually be played by an Asian actor! Known for its eclectic mix of drama and humor, dazzling jazz score, and epic fight scenes, Cowboy Bebop is seen as a legendary anime. When Netflix announced that a live action version was in the works, fans were understandably nervous.
Korean-American film star John Cho will be playing lead protagonist Spike Spiegel. Spike is a former criminal, chain smoker, and talented martial artist. The character is cool and confident on the surface with a defiant streak, but also has a difficult time being sincere with those he truly cares about.
Cho is best known for playing Harold in the cult comedy Harold and Kumar and Hikaru Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, so he’s no stranger to funny material or space adventures. He also starred in the  TV shows Selfie and Flash Forward and appeared on Sleepy Hollow and Difficult People.
The series’ female lead, the alluring yet abrasive Faye Valentine will be played by Mexican-American actress Daniella Pineda.
Pineda had leading roles on TV shows The Originals, American Odyssey, and The Detour, but she is probably best known for playing paleoveterinarian Zia in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
Mustafa Shakir will play former officer turned bounty hunter Jet Black and Alex Hassell will play Vicious, Spike’s former partner-in-crime turned brutal arch-enemy.
Radical Ed, the precocious tween hacker of the group is promised to play a major role, but still has to be cast.
The project’s first episode (one of 10 promised for the first season) will be written and executive produced by Christopher Yost, who wrote the second and third movies in the Thor movie series.
Shinichiro Watanabe, the original anime’s director, will be an official consultant throughout the joint project between Netflix and Tomorrow Studios.