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Jessie J Just Made Herstory In China And My Hands Hurt From Clapping So Much [Videos]

Deli Xu April 13, 2018 April 20th, 2018

In case you didn’t know: Jessie J has been competing in the Chinese reality show Singer for the last 3 months. Singer is a singing competition show that invites famous and established singers to compete to be named the official best-of-the-best–internationally! And Jessie J, the first and only non-Asian singer to appear on the show in six seasons, just won the whole competition!

Even though Jessie J is already an international super star, she’s still an unfamiliar face in many Chinese audience’s eyes. But it didn’t stop her from slaying the whole Chinese music industry. In the first four weeks in a row, she was voted as #1  (which is already a herstory moment in this competition).

Every single week, she served up English music history to Chinese audience, performing classics like “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan, “Purple Rain” by Prince, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, etc etc. None of them are easy songs to sing, that’s for sure.

In the finale, she recreated her signature song, “Bang Bang” with the famous Chinese singer Coco Lee & the Filipino X-Factor winner KZ Tandingan. Ready to get pumped? Here we go:

In Episode 8, Jessie J got sick and couldn’t make it to the competition, and she was at the edge of getting eliminated. She came back in the episode 9 under the highest pressure ever: she had to use only one episode score to compete with each of other singers’ two episodes’ scores combined. But! A Queen will always be a queen! She snatched the top spot again in that episode with the iconic anthem “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion, and stayed in the competition. No matter how many times I’ve heard this song, Jessie J still was able to give something fresh and keep the respect to the original song. Let your ears be blessed by this angelic moment:

People, I can’t tell you how hard I clapped my hands, because they’re totally numb now. Even with the language barrier, Jessie J is still managed to win the audience’s heart with her lovely personality and amazing talent. If you’re not gagging over all this about her, then… it’s okay, at least I am! The moment she walked into the show, she showed no arrogance or phoniness; she only showed her kindness towards her competitors and her cuteness towards her fans. That girl didn’t even need any background dancers to make the stage to look fun–she is the dancer! She owned that whole stage on her own with those swaggy swaggy dance moves! Here is an example:

Oooooo, oh my Jessie, my hat is off, my jaw is on the floor, my legs are weak, my wig is GONE  because I pulled too hard when I couldn’t figure out how that amazing voice came out. Congrats to you, Jessie J! No many famous celebrities would throw themselves in a competition and give audience pure music entertainment. But you did it–and you did so great! 👏👏👏