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Japanese Security Company Wants To Dress Olympic Guards As Ninja

Otter Lee January 11, 2018 January 11th, 2018

The popularity and enduring appeal of the ninja cannot be overstated in both Japanese culture and the rest of the world. With their lightning fast reflexes, superior senses, cunning, and supposedly supernatural abilities, ninja were prized by many a warlord for espionage and assassination purposes.It stands to reason that ninja would also make the perfect guards.

While the actual skills and secret techniques involved in becoming official ninja are slowly becoming forgotten, the popularity of the cultural icon has only increased.

Since 2016, SCC Co. has dressed its employees in feudal and medieval outfits to take advantage of Japan’s growing demand for “ninja tourism.” The first ninja team was sent to help assist in traffic control for the grand opening of a new coffee chain. Sounds like a classic D-rank Naruto mission to me!

The company’s executive Maya Miyoshi believes that they can combine actual protective services with popular historic and fantasy costumes to create a sense of familiarity and ease, and that it could be more fun for everyone involved. Ninja security guards would be great for both fun, family selfies and presumably have the skills to act in a crisis as well.

Of her ambitions to land a contract with the Olympics, Miyoshi said “We want to contribute to the Tokyo Olympics. If we draw attention, it will energize the industry as well.”

Since taking over her husband’s company in 2011, Miyoshi has hoped she can revitalize the industry with her unique sense of style and a background in design.

Describing herself, she recalls “I’ve always liked to do something different. I want to make a change in the security industry, which appears to be old-fashioned and sober.”

With plans still being locked in for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, those ninja guards will certainly be a feature to keep your eyes open for.